Other Products

Auto Top-Off System


  1. Aquarium Water Auto Top-Off System For Planted and Marine Systems.
  2. Highly sensitive system to water level. Plug-in system to allow any pumps to be attached to the ATO system.
  3. Corrosion free,long life,electricity independent system.
  4. Prevents damage to sensor and pump wires by allowing contact circuit to make and break.
  5. Max 2.0cm water level will recede before pump auto-starts.
  6. Water fills upto 0.5cms from tank edges. Can be customized as per need.
  7. Minimal wire arrangements with single plug, no extra requirements-making it completely safe and reliable.
  8. Your precious tank will have least interference inside water when using our ATO.
  9. Completely safe for all tank mates. No electrical components present in water.
  10. Protective glass surround to minimize on/off switching caused by waves and and prevent interference by tank inhabitants.
  11. Demo Video: https://youtu.be/Q14BX6_ZMic

Plant Hanging Pot


hanging pot

  1. Uniquely designed for hanging plants.
  2. To be filled with aquatic soil .
  3. Built-in arrangement for water passage through the pot thus aiding bacteria to colonize.
  4. Feels like a flow inside your tank.
  5. 100% glass made elegant design.
  6. Can be hanged on any side of the aquarium.
  7. Button-shaped hooks are provided for hanging or lifting the pot.
  8. Bent and straight variety available.

Water Softener and Iron Remover

Water pH gH kH CO2 temperature are closely related when tending to planted aquarium.we must understand that hardness plays an important with relation to co2 dissolution and survival of plants.Ph of water must be always neutral.when water becomes acidic or basic,plants and fish tend to become and give off color.co2 becomes HCO3 when water is neutral.Rocks and stones tend to increase pH,as they contain carbonate and bicarbonate ions which wash in water.pH plays an important role in water conditions.pH increases/decreases with slight change in other parameters of water.pH becomes acidic if it goes below 7 and basic if it goes above 7.it is always safe to keep pH level at +-7.5. The more acidic or the more basic the water becomes, the more of these ions in the water.They sometimes become strong enough to attack even the glass that your aquarium is made of. The next important factor is gH (general hardness) which is why we term as hard water or soft water.The more hard the water is,the lesser amount of Co2 will dissolve in water.Consequently pH levels go up or down alongwith that.Hence, it is very important to put soft water in tanks rather that using hard water and then softening it.Our external water softener works like a charm. Gives completely soft water which you can directly feed in your tank.These softeners take in tap water and softens it.Made of imported resin which works for years. We even make external iron removers which absorb all sediments and iron from tap water and can be used as an input to your softener.Temperature also must be kept to an optimum of 25 - 28 deg. C. at low temperatures,co2 dissolves easily and photosynthesis activity increases effectively.


Water Softener

  1. Works without electricity.
  2. External water softenizer.
  3. Recharged using concentrated salt.
  4. 160 lts approx.output capacity per recharge.
  5. Conveniently sized to mount on wall or at a corner.
  6. Can be used for domestic purposes also.
  7. Efficient and effective.

Cooling Fan


  1. Works non stop with high rpms.
  2. Comes with lifetime warranty excpet coil-damage.
  3. Clamps made as per glass thickness.
  4. Keeps water cold by evaporation principle.

Electronic Timer


  1. Electronic timers for solenoid and light automation.
  2. Comes in 2 pin or 3 pin or a mix of both.
  3. High quality timer provided for uninterrupted operation.
  4. Different combinations of circuit prepared as per user requirements.

Aquarium Thermometer


  1. Clear and precise reading.
  2. Temperature grading 1 deg. C.
  3. Different gap sizes to suit your tank thickness 5,6,8,10,12,15(mm).
  4. Temperature range 0 - 50 deg. C.
  5. Made of high quality extra clear German glass.
  6. Keeps aesthetic sense balanced.
  7. All thermometers are skillfully annealed and artificially aged before graduation to ensure permanent accuracy.
  8. Thin clearly cut and deeply etched graduations and distinctive figures accurately placed are done by the most uptodate calibrating machines.
  9. All the thermometers are guaranteed to be accurate within the tolerances required and when tested under correct conditions.
  10. Made from highest quality selected thermometer glass free from stones,strise and irregular bores