Diffuser Types

Photosynthesis is an important part of nature aquarium.For efficient photosynthesis, Co2 must be mixed in water thoroughly.Pollen glass diffusers and other diffusers are high performing glass Co2 diffusers that break down the Co2 gas into micro bubbles or powder form.This ensures that they remain in water for a long time enabling efficient absorption time by plants.Whatever maybe the kind of diffuser-Pollen glass diffuser or Beetle diffuser,it is a main constituent for efficient plant growth. Please choose from our wide array of planted-aquarium glassware- Co2 diffusers manufactured by us as per your requirement and tank size.

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Pollen Glass Diffuser Type 2


nano diffusers

  1. Pollen glass (large)/Co2 diffuser.
  2. Wider diffusion area of 20-30cm.
  3. Ideal for 75-90cm tanks.
  4. Upright tubing position.
  5. Sizes : 20mm/30mm.

Pollen Glass Diffuser Type 3


new pollen glass diffusers

  1. New pollen glass Mini diffuser/Co2 diffuser.
  2. Ideal for 60cm tanks.
  3. Elegant design with sleek curvature.
  4. Sizes: 18mm.

Beetle Diffuser Type 5


beetle diffusers

  1. Pollen glass beetle Co2 diffuser.
  2. Ideal for 90-180cm tank.
  3. It has a wide diffusion area.
  4. Can be placed anywhere in the tank.
  5. Sizes : 20mm/30mm/40mm/50mm.

Pollen Glass Diffuser Type 4


co2 diffusers

  1. Co2 diffuser
  2. Ideal for 60cm tank.
  3. Large container for storing CO2.
  4. Suction cups attach easily.
  5. Upright tubing position.
  6. Sizes: 18mm.