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The most important aspect of a planted aquarium is supply of light,nutrients and CO2 for photosynthesis of plants. The most important parts of the CO2 system are cylinders,Diffusers, CO2 pressure resistant tubing,Bubble counter and check valves. The pressure resistant tubing prevents gas loss when gas passes through it. Check valves prevent water from coming in opposite direction.Aquaball Glass diffusers and bubble counters provide an important part in this arrangement as they supply quantified gas to the tanks. Since they are made up of complete glass and no other materials, it gives an elegant look to the tank and increases aesthetic sense. Moreover, glass is resistant against all kinds of chemicals and water. Diffusers can vary in sizes depending on the size of tanks. The surface area of the diffuser plays an important part in the tank. The larger the surface area, the greater is the diffusion.

Aquaball Bubble counter also plays an important part as we need to supply perfect amount of CO2 to the tanks.An excess is no good and will create imbalance.Light plays an important part as well by supplying proper spectrum and intensity. Bubble counter helps us supply exact number of bubbles to be supplied in the tanks, and one way valves prevent back flow of water. The size of the pollen glass diffuser varies with the tank size. The smallest are 20 and 30 mm and the bigger ones are 40 and 50 mm ones. Whatever the style beetle or pollen, the size of the disc plays the main part. All our diffusers come with glass buttons that can be hanged on any part of the tank conveniently by suckers. There are also diffusers with snouts attached which can be hanged on any side of the tanks.No need of glass-buttons or suckers. Since diffusers are always submerged in water, algae develops on its surface. These clog micro pores of the disc and decrease diffusion quality. Diffusers must be periodically cleaned with cleaning agents.It is highly recommended not to use abrasives for cleaning as it may decrease the product's life. Periodic cleaning remains a must for these diffusers to work effortlessly for long time.

Another important aspect of planted tank is water flow in the tank. External filters provide mechanical, biological and chemical filtration, water flow inside the tank must be highly circulating for nutrients and CO2 particles to dissolve freely and get absorbed by plant surface. Aquaball Lily pipes create an efficient and adequate water flow in the tank by rotating the water in the form of a whirlpool while dissolving minerals and gas in it. This is of utmost importance in a planted aquarium.Thermometers help to monitor the temperature as co2 mixes efficiently at low temperatures.

We make high quality planted-aquarium glassware products made from fine quality borosilicate glass of very low expansion coefficient.Since it is of low expansion coefficient,it is thermal shock resistant and almost chemically durable.At the same time ,it has an excellent clarity.All glassware products are individually handmade and tested for pressure. All our apparatuses are reliable,leak proof,accurate and chemical resistant.Quality has always been the foremost concern of our organization and for maintaining the same we use optimum quality low expansion (33X10-7 / deg.C) borosilicate glass tube for manufacturing our glassware products. The stringent quality control mechanism followed by us includes testing of equipments on various parameters like leakage, crack, dimensions, uniformity, accuracy etc. We ensure to supply faultless products to the clients for complete customer satisfaction.

No breakage or damage under normal use is guaranteed.
We provide customized L.E.D. lights for all aquatic solutions. Our products meet international standards. Other products are also beneficial in its usage and made of quality imported materials.